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Citroën Concours of America provides exclusive benefits of membership in the The Citroën Club Of America.

Through the CCA Newsletter Members will get News, Events, and Technical Information available only to CCA

Members will also receive discounts on parts, a free listing in The Car Market classifieds in both the Newsletter and on this web site, as well as having access to an exclusive buyers guide and a technical help line.

The latest issue of the CCA Newsletter features:

* 2001 Frankfurt Show.

*New Citroen C5 Estate.

*CCA's Complete Guide to Citroen in North America.

*Mysteries of the 2CV.

*12th ICCCR Press Release and sign-up forms.

*USA's largest Citroen car market.

*And much, much more.


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 Welcome New Members

William Thompson
New Cannan, CT

James Haines
McLean, VA

Jerry Visek
Torrance, CA

Mara LeVarre
Burbank, CA
1965 DS19

David Knetzer
San Diego, CA

C LaPointe
Crown Point, NY

Frederic Lucas
Vineyard Hvn, MA

Steve Soszynski
Lexington, NY
1971 DS21

Seiji Sakagawa
Saitama, Japan

David Reed
W Hollywood, CA

John Shepard
Union, ME

Frank Cumberland
Columbia, SC

Ira Steinberg
Arlington Hts, IL

Tom Whitehead
Cedarville, CA

Peter Morton
Sarasota, Fl

Jim Cumberland
Columbia, SC

Charles Kelly
Covington, GA

Stacy LaFean
1000 Oaks, CA

S Muchenhirn
Santa Barbara, CA
CX Prestige

Shanda Townsend
Jackson, MS

CB Rippon
Bellevue, ID

Austin Jordan
Portland, OR

Robert Dunstan
Wilson, Wy
1972 SM

GB Koerner
Eugene, OR
1969 2CV

Edward Holden
Ft Lauderdale
1973 SM

Sada Kobayashi
Oosakahu, Japan

Richard Kessler
Connellsville, PA

Adam Rodnitzky
San Francisco, CA

Clinton Maffett
Wheeling, WV
1972 DS21 Pallas

*John Badham
Beverly Hills, CA

Francisco Chevres
Stockbridge, GA

Micheal Dupre
Jamestown, RI

Diane Viola
N Wales, PA

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