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Rudy Heilig, the owner of Citroen Pieces USA, has been involved in the Citroen parts and service industry since the late 1970s.  At one time, Rudy serviced and restored Citroens with his four brothers and his father.   The patriarch of the family, Hank Heilig, was educated as a Citroen mechanic at a Citroen dealership outside of Amsterdam, The Netherlands and has been continuously working on Citroens since 1949.

Hank moved his wife, five sons and single daughter to Vancouver, Canada in 1970 and was promptly hired by Citroen Canada Ltd as their technical representative for the Western provinces. When the Citroen SM was introduced to North America in late 1971, Hank was the first in Western Canada to be technically certified as an SM mechanic and he traveled througout the Western Canadian provinces to train and certify the mechanics in each individual Citroen dealership.

Hank bought his own Citroen dealership, Parthenon Motors - based in Vancouver Canada, in late 1974 (unfortunately the last year for new Citroens in Canada) and continued operating it until 1984 with the distant hope that Citroen would eventually return to North America.

The Citroen Concours' facility in 1990

Meanwhile, Hank's oldest son, Paul, moved to San Diego, California in 1980 and bought Riviera Motors, San Diego's last remaining independent Citroen service and parts facility. Meanwhile most of the Citroens in Canada were succumbing to rust in Vancouver's cold and damp climate and business at Heilig's Canadian Citroen-only business was slowly dwindling. Wanting to continue their Citroen heritage, the rest of the Heilig clan eventually followed Paul south to San Diego. California's warm dry weather is the perfect climate for the preservation of antique cars and Citroens were still extremely popular with San Diego's diverse ethnic population.

In 1987, the Heiligs changed the name of their Citroen business from "Riviera Motors" to "Citroen Concours of America" to ease identification and increase their recognition in the Citroen community. After a succession of restorations for customers as far away as Japan, Mexico, Guatemale, The Netherlands and throughout North America, Citroen Concours of America is now universally recognized as one of the leading authorities of post-1934 Citroens.

Eventually Rudy split off the parts business from his brother and now is a parts supplier, sales broker and service consultant and is located at the following address :

Rudy A Heilig dba Citroen Pieces USA

2667 Camino Del Rio S #301-6

San Diego, California 92108

Or phoning (858) 566-2860

Or e-mailing us at

Citroen Concours of America's service area.

One of Citroen Concours of America's award-winning restorations

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